Why start an SMSF?

Starting an SMSF is about taking more control of your investments.

With ITP self managed super, flexibility is key. You have a greater choice of investment options than with ordinary super, including direct SMSF property.

You can also incorporate up to four members in your fund. And you can buy and sell assets precisely when it suits you and your tax and estate planning needs.

how to start SMSF
self managed super fund setup specialist

Decisions that are important in assessing whether a SMSF is right for you include:

  • Do you have the time to undertake the duties and responsibilities involved in running your own SMSF?
  • How do these costs compare to other types of super funds?
  • Will your current level of superannuation savings make the cost of setting up and running your own fund worthwhile?

SMSF Benefits


Take control of how and where your savings are invested.


Forget about paying more than you should and save on fees as your super grows.


Invest your super with up to four members together in one SMSF.


Take advantage of a wide range of investment choices including direct property.


Buy and sell assets when it suits you and your tax and estate planning needs.
View the ATO Independent Guide for SMSF’s

The ATO has an independent guide for those thinking about an SMSF. This guide provides further information about SMSFs, and can assist in deciding whether an SMSF is right for you.