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Here’s how we get you started

The team at ITP will provide all the assistance you need to get your SMSF up and running with a minimum of fuss. And we won’t leave you stranded once your fund is set up. Follow our 6 ‘Getting Started’ steps:

1. We arrange your SMSF Trust Deed (and trustee company where applicable)
The trust deed sets out the rules of your SMSF. We’ll arrange your deed and an appointment for you to sign the documents, or post it out with an easy to follow signing checklist. If you require a trustee company we’ll also set this up for you through ASIC.
2. We register your new SMSF with the ATO
We’ll submit your registration with the ATO for your SMSF Tax File Number (TFN) and Australian Business Number (ABN). We’ll also register your SMSF for GST if you need this.
3. We prepare your SMSF Investment Strategy document
We’ll provide you with an investment strategy document based on the answers in your application. If you wish, we can put you in touch with a Financial Planner to help you develop an investment strategy.
4. We help you open the SMSF bank account of your choice
We’ll provide you a tailored guide to assist you in opening a bank account for your new SMSF. With ITP SMSF, you get to choose who you bank with – you’re not locked into any particular banking arrangement like with some other SMSF providers.
5. We provide you with a contributions guide
We’ll show you what you need to do to start making contributions to your new SMSF.
6. We provide you with an online SMSF dashboard
An ITP SMSF allows you to invest in a wide range of investments. We provide you with an online dashboard to easily track your fund performance and super contributions.
Application form for setting up a new SMSF

For those who want to fill out an application form for a new SMSF.

SMSF Administration Packages

Running an SMSF requires ongoing management and compliance in the areas of Accounts, Tax Returns and Audits. However with ITP SMSF, meeting these requirements is made easy. We offer a comprehensive Administration Package which includes:

1. ATO annual return
Preparation and lodgement of the fund’s Annual Return with the ATO. The Annual Return is a combined income tax and regulatory return.
2. Fund accounting and preparation of annual financial statements
Maintenance of accounting records to keep track of your fund transactions, financial performance and financial position.
3. Online dashboard for you to track the activity and performance of your fund
Trustees and advisors will have access to an online dashboard which can be used to track your fund and measure its performance during the year.
4. Co-ordination of annual audit
As trustee you are responsible for having the fund accounts and member statements audited each year. We will appoint an auditor on your behalf and coordinate the process between your fund and the auditor.
5. Minutes and resolutions
We will prepare and keep a copy on file of minutes of trustee meetings and records of trustee decisions made during the year in accordance with the fund record-keeping requirements.
6. Company secretarial services for your SMSF trustee company and custody trust trustee company (where applicable)
If your fund has a company trustee, we will co-ordinate the trustee company and custody trust trustee ASIC Annual Returns and perform additional company secretarial services as required.
Transfer existing SMSF application form

For those who have an existing SMSF and want to transfer it to ITP.

SMSF Setup Costs

ITP can establish your new SMSF from as little as $760 and we provide a fixed quote for both upfront and ongoing fees before we commence your fund setup. The actual setup cost will depend on the following:

Whether you manage your own investments or hire a financial planner to setup an investment strategy
Whether you choose individual trustees or a company trustee
Whether your fund will be setting up a borrowing facility

SMSF Ongoing Costs

Our administration packages start from $99 per month and are designed to make your role as SMSF trustee as easy as possible. The actual administration cost will be confirmed with you before we commence your administration services. It’s important to keep in mind that all SMSF’s are also subject to statutory charges including the ATO supervisory levy which is currently $259 per annum and audit fees which start from $330 per annum. We have put together a summary of the typical fees and charges you can expect to incur which will be provided when you submit your application to join us or alternatively upon request. The following factors will influence the ongoing cost to run your SMSF:

Whether you retain a financial planner on an ongoing basis
Whether or not your fund has borrowings
Individual or company trustee
Number of members
Type of investments held
Size and complexity of your fund

SMSF property is our strength

Do you want to buy property or refinance property as part of your super? ITP SMSF can help.

If you have an existing self managed super fund or are in the process of establishing an SMSF, we can provide you with comprehensive lending advice to secure your SMSF Loan.

Why get into SMSF property investing?

  • Potentially strong rental returns
  • Big tax benefits if property held until after you retire
  • Real control of your super investments
  • Diversification of your super portfolio
  • SMSF’s can purchase larger assets through combined savings of fund members
  • Commercial properties can be leased back to fund members
  • Ongoing property expenses paid for by your super fund
  • Assets held in superannuation are protected from creditors

Property investing through super is becoming increasingly popular, however there are many rules and regulations to abide by, so ensuring you consult with an SMSF specialist is essential prior to undertaking this investment strategy.

How can ITP SMSF help with SMSF lending?

  • We understand the rules of SMSF lending
  • We ensure you meet all regulations
  • We can secure competitive deals and abide by your SMSF’s investment strategy
  • We’re a one-stop shop and bring together the necessary elements of Financial Planning, Lending and SMSF Setup/Administration all under the one roof
  • We offer a coordinated, low risk and worry-free way of property investing through super