Could you have lost hundreds or thousands in lost super?

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What is lost super?

Changing jobs over the course of our employment makes it easy to lose track of our superannuation. Changing your name or address can also result in losing track of super accounts.

Lost super refers to superannuation that has been paid by different employers into different funds and over time we forget about. The lost super remains in super funds or is held on your behalf by the Australian Tax Office as unclaimed super.

Read below to learn how you can find lost super.

How to find lost super

SuperSeeker Search
The first thing you should do is go to the Australian Tax Office’s online SuperSeeker search tool or by calling 13 28 65. You’ll need your Tax File Number, Full name and Date of birth to complete a search.
Secondly, AUSfund, the unclaimed super website can locate any unclaimed super that has recently been transferred to its accounts. Go to AUSfund unclaimed super.
myGov Account
Another option is to use myGov for a full view of your super. You can create a myGov account and link to the ATO to see details of all your lost super accounts and find any ATO held super.